Last Tuesady I happened to attend Rusesabagina’s speech at UCF in Orlando. He made claims that genocide is ongoing in Rwanda, in addition to confessing his connections to the terrorist organization FDLR. It behhoves us to remain vigilant and expose this self-styled hero, and genocide denier.



  1. Willis,
    You are absolutely right! we should counter these lies with whatever means we have, and starting this blog is a step in the right direction. Let’s not sit back and see Rusesebagina and his ilk propagating these lies wherever they go. We have to fight these falsehoods in all forums,esp the media.


  2. Rusesabagina the self-seeker, opportunisity and impositor hardly impresses in any serious debate with any Rwandan updated with current state of affairs in the country later on one that lives the daily improvents showing allover Rwanda. Those who are observant, he lacks that courage to face such people instead he preys on low level education institutions or un informed communities in remote places, particularly in the USA. In a few words Rusesabagina has nothing to offer Rwandans instead he is blowing up an image created for him by the screen and a bit of the media. Indeed hollywood is always creating heros for good story telling, it the nature of the Industry. The fiction got into Rusesabana’s mind, that was okay if only he did not use it to exploit the pain of 1994 Tutsi genocide as sellable commodity, the callousness, dishonesty of a man whose in-laws are tutsis is simply incompressible.
    As if that was not bad enough, he saw in the venture a polical commodity, which at best seeks to reverse what the victims, he claims to have saved, have managed to rebuild their lives in his absence of over 15 years. This period is so long that a large section of Rwanda is preoccupied by integration in the regional and world for economic advantages surfacing allover them. Rusesabagina and his ilk may be in for a shock revelation if they were not so obsessed with emotion (hatred).

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