Rudasingwa is incensed that there is a call for the U.S. government to look into Rusesabagina’s connections to the terrorist organization, FDLR. Well, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones !

The Rwanda Embassy is well within its rights to advocate for Rwanda’s interests, and there is nothing wrong calling upon the Rwandese Community, this time in Texas, but also across this land to call for investigation of Rusesabagina’s connections to the FDLR — which he refers to as a “Rwandese liberation movement”, but the U.S. governement and the U.N. have clasified it as a terrorist organization. Did Rudasingwa NOT do this when he was Ambassador ?

It’s no surprise the two men are singing the same song : Rusesabagina and Rudasingwa have both been rejected by their fellow countrymen, and are now bent on destroying their motherland. This is 2011, not 1994. Rwandans have learnt a lesson from the rivers of blood that flowed in 1994 and have chosen to forgive and move on.

Rudasingwa and his group are now beholden to Rusesabagina who is, allegedly bankrolling them. No surprise there. There is no honor among traitors. At his last speaking engagement at UCF in Orlando this week, Rusesabagina said two things that caught my attention : 1)The 1959 genocide was “not well done.” 2) Genocide is still going on in Rwanda today.

If Rudasingwa can sleep well at night knowing his partner is of this opinion, may be he should seek immediate help from his profession that he has abandoned to champion an un-holy alliance.



  1. There is an expression or proverb in Kinyarwanda that goes something like this: ‘Agasimba kiwanyu ka kurya kakurundarunda’ in other words there are times when it is totally unacceptable to air your dirty laundry in the public square. The genocide deniers, and those who choose to support them at the expense of the blood that was shed in 1994 and that of the liberators do themselves a disservice. They in turn diminish whatever voices they had and undermine their integrity if they ever had one. As a community, we cannot, should not and we will not be silent when these characters take to the airwaves and public forum to take us down the path of the last regime that had its people destroyed and dehumanized. There is a time when silence is not an option, this time has come.

  2. There is no question that one is far safer in Kigali than any other african capital…ad to me that is the proof in the pudding. No amount of revisionist propaganda can squelch that which can be seen with the naked eye…

  3. How about organzing a counter documentary for Frontline, a film festival or something similar! I am sure there are some film makers who need the work – you write the script.

  4. Yes, Kagame as some have put it; is the prophet that was sent to redeem Rwanda, and he has done, and still is doing that. Be it in economic and social sense, and nothing abslotuely nothing will change this!

  5. People who know Rudasingwa and his half brother wouldn’t be surprised on what they are doing right now. These guys are so desperately broke to the level that they would ally anybody to feed their family. Since they can’t get any jobs because of their past, the only way they can survive is by associating with terrorist financier such as Rusesabagina. They are going to use him and leave him when they finish getting the last cent from his terrorist foundation.

  6. Dr Kayitakiorwa

    And now, Kayumba has gone on the air saying he is not part of FDRL terrorist group whose agenda is unfinished business ie killing all remaining tustis! Yet Rudasingwa has come openly to associate and defend this man whose heroism is a creation of hollywood. Pose and think Rwandans, surely who are these useless fellows playing with? If Rusesabagina has agreed he sent money to FDRL, is’nt he a terrolist himself. If he is a member of RNU, is’nt this also a terrorist outfit? If these felows could not fit in the new dispensation, what do they have to offer Rwandans. We know what Gahima did when he was in office, we also know what Rudasingwa did with his arrogance. These fellows can only preach to those who do not know them. And Rusesabagina, how did he save 1200 p’ple amidist mad dogs on maurading interahamwe. Certainly not him. The peace keepers did save these inncocent p’ple, and heroism is a monetary ventrure. Period!

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