Paul Rusesabagina has been, carelessly and erroneously been compared to Oscar Schindler. Not a chance.

I have read much about Oscar Schindler, admired his courage, perused the letters of the “Schindler-Jews” written to express their gratitude and admiration for Schindler’s heroic deeds. Rusesabagina is NO Schindler.

Schindler spent his fortune saving Jews. Rusesabagina has made his from the Rwanda genocide.

Schindler remained true to his Jews. Rusesabagina has betrayed his country by joining forces with FDLR, a terrorist organization that was instrumental in the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

Hundreds of Jews came forward to thank Schindler for saving them. Hundreds have challenged Rusesabagina’s alleged heroic deeds.

To Schindler’s offspring and family, I hang my head in shame and ask for your forgiveness for what my fellow countryman has done to your name.



  1. In 1997 I employed a young lady who was a survivor of the Genocide and who was in Mille Colline at the time we are talking about and she told me Rusesabagina never did anything for free – either he demanded sexual favours – for supposedly keeping them alive or he demanded blank cheques from the many business men – the tutsi elite of Kigali who were hiding in his hotel – Rusesabagina was a businessman thriving on the genocide and still is.

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