As a 9 year old boy I did not fully comprehend the 1959 genocide against the Tutsi, mophed then, and politically correct now in extremist circles, as a “Hutu revolution”. The carnage and human suffering I saw then soured me. 

Revolution by definition, is meant to create better living conditions, and equality for ALL. Instead, the 1959 so-called  revolution created victims and parriahs out of a segment of our society, not to mention the establishment of the class identity crisis — the prologue to the 1994 genocide.

As a people we have defied history. Against all odds we have come back together and picked up the pieces of our identity.

 Many will argue how we have come from the ashes to become Africa’s envy. We have in 16 years turned our killing fields into fertile ground from whence we will forge a new future for Rwanda, indeed for Africa. The rivers of our blood will be the conscience of  our Continent, and for us, collectively as a People, a blot in our history.

Like him or not, Paul Kagame is, a small equation of the sum total of our success. Without his military discipline and acute sense of history, resolve and focus, our crisis would still be lingering. He has diverted a cultural crisis into a symphony of ethnic harmony that many of us never dreamt of. Rwanda is the envy of Africa today because of the hard lessons learnt during our many years of statelessness, and one man’s resolve to create a homeland.


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