In his resigantion letter to President Kagame dated April 4, 2005, Theogene Rudasingwa stated the following;

1.He joined the RPF because ” a just cause was adequte to make one stake one’s life.”

2. Over a million innocent lives perished “in the last days of an evil regime.”

3. “My lifetime pledge is that never through me would this country come to harm.”

4. ” Mr. President, I MIGHT have fallen short of your expectations.”

5. “My new found calling and passion is in serving God, academic pursuits and playing an advocacy role in global concerns of peace and prosperity.”

6. ” I do not intend to undertake, now or in the future, any political or government responsibilities.”

7. ” I would like to request Your Excellency to discharge me from military obligations as a Major in the Rwanda Defence Forces.”


1. Rudasingwa, along with his group now seek(s) to destroy the just cause he fought for.

2. The evil regime he fought, he now praises in “Rwanda Briefing” – same regime that kept him in exile for decades.

3. He swore never to plot against his country: his full time occupation presently.

4. Rudasingwa thinks he “MIGHT” have fallen short of the President’s expectations ! Vanity is no virtue. NO, YOU HAVE COMMITTED THE CARDINAL SIN: BETRAYAL OF YOUR COUNTRY IS TREASON.

5. Dedicated to serving God now : Using God’s name in vain. Rudasingwa is no candidate for purgatory.

6. The man’s word is worthless : he promised to leave politics alone, but now, along with the Gang of Four, Rudasingwa, and the FDLR seek to violently change the democratically elected government of Rwanda.

7. Rudasingwa asked for permission to leave the RDF. Never got the permission, and for this, he has been sentenced to 24 years in jail, and is on the run.



2 responses to “ANATOMY OF A RESIGNATION — Rudasingwa’s.

  1. Yes, that is Rudasingwa. His fellow Drs. should define him to lay men. You put all this in a letter to The President, and later say you betrayed your conscience? Now, which conscience do we believe ? The one before he fled the country, or the one after he fled the country… and who can trust a person with many consciences ? But his association with characters (genocidal) that are a taboo in our society tells a bigger story of his true conscience. No more guess on the part of Rwandans.

  2. Poor Rudasingwa is no man of conscience. He is just lost in himself! He is really like the rest of the thugs (Kayumba, Karegeya, Gahima, Rusesa(migisha)bagina….not sure of where to be, what to do and how to do it.

    While they pretend to be smart and advocating for regime change in Rwanda, they know the “Revolution is growing ever stronger”. They are also conscious on there part that they are growing weak by the second. It is out of frustration, empathy and anxiety that they will try everything that clicks on their minds that could daint the leadership of Rwanda that they seriously envy!

    President Kagame is a Statesman that has taken Rwanda to higher hights and the standards will keep rising. Together with him are men and women of substance that are committed like always to pay or it takes to serve with passion. Determined to propel Rwnda forward and say never again to the dark past! Kayumba, Karegeya, Rudasingwa, Gahima must be reminded that the future is now and success is home. Do not betray the cause for which you parented you fools. Your kids and wives would only be confortable and happy at home. Rwanda is a pride of our generation while you yonder think you can reverse its path? You will be defeated and left in the dangeons of history as rip to a brighter future. For God’s sake your sibbling should be part of the journey lest they follow your path to doom.

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