The appointment of Alain Juppe, architect of ZONE TURQUOISE,  as France’s new Foreign Minister is a slap in our face, and question’s President Sarkozy’s supposed new policy towards Rwanda.

President Kagame, statemanlike put a foot forward in an attempt to mend relations between France and Rwanda. To now have to deal with a man who not only co-authored the 1994 genocide by assisting Rwanda’s then ramp government takes us a step back. This is the very man who sought to sanitize and prop up a regime that planned and executed a genocide, as highlighted in the MUCYO REPORT.

Juppe’s character is understood through his answer to two questions: did France take sides to aid extremist Hutus against Tutsi, and did France fail to denounce the genocide committed by Hutu extremists in 1994 ? His answer was a loud and sickening “YES.”

But I have faith in Foreign Minister Louis Mushikiwabo to deal with this man of shifty and questionable moral character tactfully, and with a firm hand.


One response to “FRENCH ARROGANCE – Alain Juppe

  1. Mr.Sarkozy, a man supposed to be open minded, did a big error by appointing Mr.Alain Juppe as Foreign Minister. This is an insulte to survivors of genocide.

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