Much has been said abaout Rwanda’s law(s) against genocide deniers, alleging that this is a way of curtailing political opposition. Such nonsesnse.

Victoire Ingabire, the alleged leading opposition leader, was deceived into leaving her sanctuary in Holland to come and test the system. The argument goes like this : a woman would not be punished or villified for her vitriolic, ethnic-based views, never mind that these views went against Rwanda’s laws. Think about it : nobody had ever heard of the woman, yet her more seasoned men opposition partners had no balls to go to Kigali. I hope she has had a chance to reflect on all this in the sanctuary of her rent free prison cell.

Then comes Peter Erlinder, Ingabire’s American genocide denier lawyer who thought that  his nationality and color would protect him from justice. Spewing out his usual nonsense about double genocide and lack of equal justiced in Rwanda, Erlinder seemed not to have a full grasp of Rwanda’s laws, and expected to hide behind his alleged immunity. In general the man’s goofy and irrational behavior seemed to indicate deeper personal problems.

The truth is : Rwanda’s laws against genocide denial are NOT unique. Similar laws against holocaust and genocide denial exist in Israel, Belgium, Germany, and France — to name but a few countries.


One response to “DENYING GENOCIDE

  1. Those who are dyning genocide, are themselves genociders.
    How otherwise, with so many rwandans that have died only because they are Tutsis one can say that it is not a genocide? If they don’t change quickly, the law is ready to punish them.

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