1. Most of your friends are in Arusha on trial before the ICTR for crimes against humanity.

2. You think that the downing of Habyarimana’s plane sparked the genocide.

3. You think that the matchettes imported from China prior to April 1994 were to be used for harvesting.

4. You think that Thoeneste Bagosora is an innocent man being persecuted for his views.

5.  You espouse the double-genocide theory.

6. You think that what happened in Rwanda was nothing but an ethnic conflict.

7. You think that the INTERAHAMWE embarked on their crazed butchery of fellow citizens in response to the RPF attacking Rwanda.

8. You think that AKAZU was an elite Country Club.

9. You think that Victoire Ingabire’s messages and pronouncements are the messages that will bring harmony among Rwandans.

10. You think that the so-called Hutu 10 Commandments were handed down from up above.


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