Since 1994, all sorts of experts on Rwanda have come out of the wood works. You would think there is a school out there producing American and European experts in alarming numbers.

Yet, prior to 1994, and during the genocide, none of these so-called experts would have been able to point at Rwanda on the world map.

When the genocide broke out, and during the period when he was being hounded by right wing Republicans for his indescretion with Monica Lewinsky, President Clinton was asked about what was occuring in Rwanda. Abruptly and defensively Clinton is alleged to have replied, ” I don’t know any woman called Wanda.”

Think what you may, Clinton has seen the light since then, and has atoned for his lack of action by not stopping the genocide. His funding and other acts of kindness have been remarkable. But, those 100 dark days in April of 1994 will be his legacy : the Rwanda genocide took place on his watch.

You recognize these so-called experts, thus: their reports all use the same language in describing Rwandans; Tutsi have long noses and are slender, Hutu are short and stout, some are herdsmen and others farmers, and on and on they go. And none of these experts, usually in the country for a month, speak Kinyarwanda ! They return to America and Europe and publish their half-baked reports and profit at our expense.

You know what ? I am personally not amused. But, it behooves us to write our own history instead of complaining. But, this once, just once, everybody is entitled to my opinion !


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