According to the “Gang of Four”, “Rwanda is in crisis.” But, consider the source ! Let us examine the record;

1. Prior to the genocide in 1994, primary school completion was a meager 18%. TODAY – 75.6%.

2. From 1963 -1993 there were 1,900 University graduates. TODAY – 44,000 graduates.

3.  Prior to 1994, Rwanda’s exports : a mere $24 million. TODAY – over $193 million.

4. According to the World Bank’s report (EASE OF DOING BUSINESS) released in 2009, Rwanda went from # 143 to # 58 in 2010.

5.   Rwanda’s international aid : Rwanda has 4 battalions on peace-keeping missions in Darfur & Khartoum, and a contingency of Police Officers in Haiti.

6. RWANDA HAS THE MOST WOMEN IN PARLIAMENT, followed by Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands.

7.  At President Kagame’s June 9, 2010 inauguration, there were 14 Heads of State.

8. From January, 2010 to September 2010, the following visited Rwanda : President of France, U.N. Secretary General, Governor General of Canada and the Secretary General of the British Commonwealth.   

I say, things are looking mighty good.


4 responses to “THE FALLACY OF THE ” GANG OF FOUR “

  1. Amandin RUGIRA

    Indeed, things are looking so good in Rwanda.
    The achievements made since 1994 are tremendous and i am sure that with Rwandan Leadership much more achievements will be made in few years.

    The important thing is to remain focused and determined

  2. Felicien KAREGE

    You’re right Willis, and these records are only a part. For sure the country is on track of getting better, despite the “band-of-four” destructive vision. Rwanda is a respected country in the region and out of it. Most importantly, with a leadership and a people committed to recover its sovereignty lost a century ago, when the first Colonialist entered in, we cannot move back.
    People are some times amnesic. Few yrs ago, even to get a traveling document, i.e. passport, was laborious. Pupils were asked to announce their “ethnic pass” to have a seat in a school room. The band-of-four must know it. Progress is never taken as granted. For Rwanda, some body is working hard for it.

    Félicien Karege (Geneva)

    • Thanks Willis, the desperate gang forgot that Rwandans and freinds alike have a better understanding and accurate track record Rwanda’s real success story.

      Go to Gallup Poll and other reputed sites and Research Agencies, facts speak for themselves. Recently, I had a chat with a Finish Detective Superitendant and was telling me how amazed he is about Rwanda’s vivid and undisputed development path that embues hope to the current and future global generations.
      The Finish Officer said he is greatly inspired by the calmness, cleanliness and general reslience of the post genocide Rwandans. He thus remarked “When I come to Rwanda, I feel coming home to rest! When I am inflight to next Atrican destination, I am stressed but reengineered by the comfort I will return to the lovely and finest Rwanda before my next leg home or else where outside Africa. Rwanda is a perfect home away from home!”

      Those with eyes can see, they do not necessarily have to be Rwandese! The likes of Rudasingwa, his half brother are just lost in anxioety and empathy. When he is pressing on HARALIDI for money, money, money!!! He just needs to be reminded that the global citzens are not to generous to pay him the hard earned dimes and euros easily to the gumbling REDECOM legend! In the same right, ABANYARWANDA S’IBICUCU BYUGAMWAMO IZUBA N’UBIROSE WESE! Twese hamwe tugeze kure tuvuduka mu cyerecyezo 2020. Eregaga twiheshe agaciro tugaheshe n’Igihugu cyacu ubundi ibigarasha bikomeze bitecye umutwe ariko binawuta.

      Ahasigaye money, maney, money…. n’intero ishaje kandi isigariye IBIGARASHA gusa gusa!

  3. Dear Willis,
    You are a great statesman. I like the way you hit on these blood suckers.
    I am told you are related to Rudasingwa and Gahima but you refused to be a hypocrite. You are man and we are with you in this fight 100%

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