Theoneste BAGOSORA – Rwanda’s Himmler


Bagosora was sentenced to life imprisonment by the ICTR, but appealed and his hearing is next month. He espoused an ideology as hateful and ultimately as deadly as the man who oversaw the Holocaust.

And he was just as organised.

Throughout his trial, this architect of Rwanda’s genocide never flinched, and never showed remorse. He denied, denied, denied. He was at the centre of what the prosecution called ” preparing the apocalypse.”

Notes from the trial:

1992. Bagosora instructed senior defence ministry officials to draw up the names of those deemed to be enemies of Rwanda and their ” accomplices.” The killing list.

When Minister of defence, James Gasana attempted to disarm the militias, Bagosora threatened to kill him, forcing him to flee the country.

April, 1994: Bagosora told U.N. Officer, Belgian Col. Luc Marshal that the only way to solve Rwanda’s problems was to EXTERMINATE the Tutsi.

Gen. Dallaire desribed meeting Bagosora in the first days of the killing as ” shaking hands with the devil.”

Bagosora dispatched the presidential guard to murder prime Minister Agathe Uwilingyiyimana, but not before raping her with a Fanta bottle.

Bagosora admitted in court being at the scene during the torturing and killings of the Belgian peace keepers. He said he was powerless to stop it.

Bagosora gave a speech to INTERAHAMWE, urging them ” to be courageous in their work.”

In open court, Bagosora threatened to kill Prosecutor Mulvaney.

At the conclusion of this upcoming appeal, when Bagosora is finally handed the life sentence, justice will have finally been served. Too little, too late. And Bagosora will go down in history books as one human being that should never have been born. The very essence of evil.


One response to “Theoneste BAGOSORA – Rwanda’s Himmler

  1. Willis, I am very proud of you. It is about time we all stand up and be counted regardless of what the outcome might be. However, I would like to differ with you re:the catholic priest article. There should be no room at all for comparison between evils. There should never be a comparison between a genocide and sexual assault on children or their mothers. Who ever is/was responsible should pay the price, no more no less.Shalom.

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