Today I digress from Rwandan Issues, just this once, may be. But my thoughts are interconnected.

During the Rwanda genocide in 1994, I wondered why no African leader took the tragedy as their very own and spoke out against the carnage that had gripped the nation. No African country on the Continent came to Rwanda’s defence. But everyone was quick to blame the “international community.”

Or is it because people who live in glass houses don’t throw stones ?

There are all sorts of tragedies and maladies in our midst, but we as a People remain mum. Failed states like Zimbabwe and Somalia stick out like a sore thumb. The shame of a continent. No wonder the world dismisses our tragedies and crises so easily, recurring tribal conflicts they say, and millions simply disappear.

 Mwalimu Nyerere, yes, that Old Sage, once lamented, thus; ” What Africans are doing to fellow Africans is sad.”

Is it because we are led by buffoons, tyrants and clowns — men with no vision of the future masquerading as statemen who cling on to power for decades? Dennis Hills (RIP) almost went to the gallows for calling Uganda’sIdi Amin a “village tyrant.” Imagine that.

Robert Mugabe has reduced a nation once the envy of a continent to beggar status. Yet he still gets accolades from fellow African presidents. This parriah gives us all a bad name.

How long will this go on ? How much human suffering is enough to awaken us to our senses ? My fellow Africans, we can do better than this. We are better people than our silence paints.



  1. Kudos to you shining a light on this disturbing issue. Its almost a taboo
    topic especially for those of us in diaspora. We seem to be obssessed with
    racism and never seem to look at ourselves in the mirror. As the sayin goes’
    “charity begins at home”.

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