Lt.Gen. The Hon. Romeo DALLAIRE – The Man Who Shook Hands With the Devil.

As Rwanda was fast descending into the apocalypse in that dark April of 1994, as hell was stealthy breaking loose, Gen. Dallaire met with Bagosora, for the last time. See, Bagosora had assumed control of Rwanda’s army and effectively was in control of the country. That handshake was the blueprint of Dallaire’s book, “Shaking Hands With the Devil.”

Dallaire’s testimony against  Bagosora at the ICTR in Arusha was instrumental in convicting this conniving and un-repentant mass murderer.

Had the world taken heed to Gen. Dallaire’s warnings about the impending Rwandan genocide, over a million lives would have been saved.

Dallaire is a soldier’s soldier. An officer, and a gentleman. All Rwandans ought to salute the courage and honesty of this soft spoken warrior.

He later lamented, ” Rwanda will never ever leave me. It’s in the pores of my body. My soul is in those hills, my spirit is with the spirits of all those people who were slaughtered and killed that I know of, and many that I didn’t know…”

Upon seeing Belgian troops (and the Europeans) abandon their mission in Rwanda on April 19, 1994, Dallaire felt an acute sense of betrayal. He said; ” I stood there as the last Hercules left …and I thought that almost exactly fifty years to the day my father and my father-in-law had been fighting in Belgium to free the country from fascism, and there I was, abandoned by Belgian soldiers. SO PROFOUNDLY DID I DESPISE THEM FOR IT … I FOUND IT INEXCUSABLE.”


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