President KAGAME : On the right side of History.

President Kagame came out in opposition to Libyan strongman, Moamar Ghadaffi’s slaughter of his own people for rising up and up demanding freedom and an end to his 40-year dictatorial rule. The ONLY African President to do so.

This lone dissenting voice on the Continent speaks volumes about the Man and his integrity, not to mention his courage.

How else, in God’s name, would the man that halted a wholesale genocide in 1994 not step up and oppose a genocide in a distant land ? 

But, what of other African Presidents ? Where is their integrity ?

In the wake of the wind of freedom sweeping North Africa, how come African Presidents have remained mum ? How come so-called “Big Men” have not found it imperative to advocate for democracy, good governance, and freedom of expression ?

Yet we complain when the West judges us critically. Our Continent is repelete with failed States. The African Union, formerly the Organization of African Unity is as toothless as it is irrelevant. Why anybody thought that by changing a name –from the OAU to AU — would make a differnece is beyond me. What is in a name, afte all ? The membership is still the same old tired choir of pseudo statesmen, court jesters and the alike. And at the helm is Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. Any club that has him as a member is not worth its salt.


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