APRIL 7, 1994 : A Day that Will Live in Infamy.

April 7 marks the beginning of the commemoration of the Rwanda genocide 17 years ago : a day to remember those who needlessly died at the hands of their government, neighbors and militias crazed with a rotten philosophy : HUTU POWER.

We look back, in prayer and sadness. We hope to find the wherewithall to forgive, and the wisdom to never forget.

The blood that flowed in those 100 dark days on the streets of Kigali and all over The Thousand Hills is a blemish on us as a people: such planned and precice execution of hatred of the worst kind.

But Rwanda, through good governance has moved on, as we must. Our wounds may never heal, but our hearts will mend with time. With resolve we have to make a pact to never again succumb to resolving our differences and disagreements through genocide. Murder and mayhem are not an acceptable ways for a civilized people to resolve political or philosophical differences.

Those who planned and executed the genocide will face justice in due course. Some have already been sentenced and sent to dungeons where they belong. To those who are still on the run, KABUGA and company, we say you can run but cannot hide, forever. If they had a conscience they would be their own prisoners. They have none. 

But, what are we to tell our children — the future of Rwanda — that there are those who, for purely selfish and personal reasons seek to take us back to those dark days ?

How shall we explain to the young ones that Rwanda is NOT  ” a painted cemetery” as fugitive Rudasingwa shamelessly calls the land of his forefathers ?

How shall we explain to the young ones about all the un-holy alliances that have cropped up post genocide ? The shameless visits to the mother of AKAZU in Paris, and the clandestine meetings being conducted in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere.

Our vigil must continue, our resolve stronger than ever before, because this time the enemy is more savvy and desperate to achieve their goals at any cost.


One response to “APRIL 7, 1994 : A Day that Will Live in Infamy.

  1. Hasabumutima Raymond-Lambert

    The world assisted incompetently or should I say unwillingness to act against those genocidal. It is now up to each and everyone to act against those who want to turn the clock back in Rwanda and Burundi. We need progress not retrogression.


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