When you think you have heard it all, lies, distortions and outright fabrications, Rusesabagina never fails to shock.

Addressing students at California State University at Bakersfield this week, self-styled hero of “Hotel Rwanda” claimed that the Rwanda genocide was sparked by “Tutsi rebels who shot down the President’s plane killing two Hutu presidents.”

Not once in his two hour presentation did Rusesabagina mention who was doing the killing. But he consistently accused the RPF of doing all the killing and causing a ” Hutu exodus” that angered the population and led to the crimes against humanity in those 100 days in April, 1994.

As is his style, Rusesabagina chooses remote venues where his audience knows nothing about the Rwanda genocide, and therefore he can make his facts as he goes along. Bakersfield is a sleepy little agricultural dusty town where international issues are hardly discussed. And whenever he spots black faces in the audience he becomes uncomfortable and assumes they are Rwandans who have come to hold his feet to the fire.

He vehemently denied any affiliation to the FDLR, an organization that he supports and finances and calls ‘ a liberation movement.” The U.N. and U.S. government have classified the same organization as a terrorist organization.

Admitting that he meets and confers with Nyamwasa, Karegyeya, Rudasingwa and Gahima on an ongoing basis, Rusesabagina shocked his audience by saying that ‘even God meets with sinners.” Realizing the absurdity of his statement, then he added, “but I am not God.”

And we know this un-holly alliance is not meeting to discuss weather !



  1. Kamugisha George

    Rusesabagina is indeed a very funy character. I do not understand how he claims to be a hero by saving many people and at the same time be a genocide denier.

    If he is really sound mentally, I am sure he some times sits back and laughs at himself. However ignorant one may be, I do not think he can fail to inderstand the process taken to plan and execute genocide.

    So, he wants to give a message that genocide was planned after the presidential plane was shot down?

    This man is not only ignorantly power hungry but also mentally lacking!

    And these are the kinds of politicians Rwanda needs today? No way. Rwanda is far away from people like Rusesabagina and company.

  2. I am shocked that Rusesabagina would make such statements. How did he prove that the plane was shot down by RPF? If that was the case, how did Interahamwe mobilize to kill more than 10,000 Tutsis in less than 12 hours?
    I hope CSUB has transcripts of this absurd speech.

    This is indeed absurd and inconceivable that a man who we all thought could bridge the gap, is instead pushing a huge wedge between the peoples of this country.
    What will these kind of remarks achieve?
    Thank you for sharing and for following up with what goes on behind the curtains in Bakersfield of all places.

  3. His days are numbered, I occasionally received American students in my office and some of them from remote venues as Wallis wrote, we show them the truth and am sure that they are going back and spread the truth. Let him not be disturbed by black faces only, even white faces should disturb him. One day he will be caught off guard by these young students from remote venues-Ibinyoma bye bizakama

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