Victoire Ingabire’s American lawyer, Peter Erlinder has been found in contempt of court by the Appeals Chamber of the ICTR for failing to respond or appear in Aloys Ntabakuze’s case.

Yes, I am talking about the man that flew into Kigali with a swagger thinking he was untouchable because he is American, and showing contempt for Rwanda’s laws against genocide denial. For that he spent time in “The Big House” looking like a Flamingo.

This time the court has imposed sanctions against Erlinder and banned him from appearing as lead counsel in Ntabakuze’s case.

Apparently the man thinks he is law all unto himself. He completely ignored summons to appear in Ntabakuze’s case, and when pressed for a reason, Erlinder claimed he does not feel safe travelling to Arusha.

Nobody bought that reason. Then Erlinder claimed he could not travel due to medical reasons. Well, which is which, before we all conclude that the man may actually have a “medical” reason ?

The court concluded that Erlinder failed to act diligently, and his actions were not in good faith, and contrary to the interests of his client.

Surprising ? Not at all. Erlinder is the man we all along thought he was. Draw your own conclusion.

Rwanda may be a small country. But one thing we are not: small minded.



  1. Dear Willis;

    Indeed, Rwanda is a small country, Rwandans are not small minded. Furthermore, Africans are not “narrow minded” as it used to be perceived by some.

    Not surprising that Erlinder thought he was untouchable on the land of our ancestors. And he is not the only old school generation of westerns who has got no clue about the long gone “white supremacy and legacy”.

    Let’s hope that in this new era where the globe is becoming a small village, people like Erlinder will change the mindset from “US & THEM” to “US TOGETHER”.

    Chantal M.

  2. vincent Mugabo

    Indeed we have to keep letting this arrogant Wazungus realize that times have changed. I was listening to Alan Juppes interview on BBC and he still doesn’t want to acknowledge the role France played in the Tusti genocide. Obviously, he still suffers from colonial hangover and he can’t imagine appearing apologetic to “small” Rwanda. As Kagame keeps reminding us, we have to keep fighting for our dignity until the Juppes and the Erlinders realize that they are dealing with a proud and dignified people. I think we as Rwandans are on the right course in this quest.

    Vincent M

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