Rudasingwa is at it again. When you think you have heard the last bizzare pronouncement from the man, out comes another outlandish and spurious claim. Utter nonsense, disguised as analysis.

Now Rudasingwa claims that the last cabinet reshuffle in Rwanda was due to the “pressure from democracy voices, notably Rwanda National Congress (RNC), FDU-Inkingi and other pro-democracy voices.” You don’t say.

One village in Rwanda is missing its buffoon ! And probably better for it.

Instead of looking for gainful employment, Rudasingwa has chosen to be the mouth piece of FDLR and Hutu extremists whom he continues to endear himself to but without realizing how his demeaning and vintage arrogance are making him a laughing stock. If he thinks they trust him he has it coming. I hear his new pay master Rusesabagina is not happy with him claiming the reigns of power.

He questions Ambassador designate Vincent Karega’s credentials to serve as Rwanda’s Ambassador to South Africa. He should talk.  This from a man whose stint as Ambassador to the U.S. was the poorest choice Rwanda ever made. I have been here 40 years and I know what I am talking about : I have seen them come and go, but Rudasingwa’s tour of duty lowered the bar. We do remember.

How dare he say that Dr. Charles Murigande’s posting to Japan as Ambassador “begins his final journey to a complete retrenchment after a long period of marginalisation” ? The man has served his country well in different positions, and I am sure he will continue to do so. Unlike Rudasingwa, Murigande is a humble and dedicated professional who has no sense of entitlement.

But for the President’s constitutional power to reshuffle and move people around, we would be stuck with Rudasingwa in Washington, D.C. — nose up in the air and an embarrassment to our dedicated men and women in Foreign Service.

Rudasingwa : we are aware of all your machinations. We are well aware of your continued clandestine meetings with the Congolese, and if you think you are going to disrupt RWANDA DAY in Chicago in June with your goons, you have it coming. You are forewarned.



  1. Willis;

    Thanks for this well done piece.

    It is getting more and more clear that the guy must be out of his mind.

    In the yesterday’s RNC statement, he is making a call to the GoR to immediate and unconditional release of so-called “political prisoners”; he makes a call to UN, AU, UNHCR, UK, USA but he forgets to make a call to his own family and physician for a psych assessment.

  2. Well done Willis for this excellent reaction to Rudasingwa’s malicious write up. This man has truly lost his mind and he is full of hatred for Rwanda and all the good things we have been able to achieve. It is a pity we lived and worked with him all those years without knowing his true charactor. One can only feel sorry for his wife and children who live with him every day.


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