ONE DOWN – MORE TO GO : Felicien Kabuga – pay attention.

John DEMJANJUK, the 91 year old guard accused of murdering 28,000 Jews at a Nazi death camp in Poland in 1943 has been found guilty by German court and sentenced to five years.

Too little to late.

And yes, justice delayed is justice denied. But nonetheless, justice has been carried out and the long arm of the law has swung into action.

This is a clear message of hope to the victims of the Rwanda genocide against the Tutsi:

These monsters and aberrations can run, but they can’t hide. Their time is coming, and justice, like a mighty river will flow down and wash them away. 

I know Kabuga does not sleep well. Nor should he.

Munyeshyaka, your time is coming. The Vatican notwithstanding.

Bagosora, that monster of a man, s0-called “Big Dog”, he is finished goods. Hell awaits you.

In the words of Martin Luther King, “there is no greater sin than seeing evil and doing nothing about it.”

In the end, it may not be in my lifetime, but justice will prevail.


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