RNC’s FUTILE ATTEMPTS — Desperate People Do Desperate Things.

What if you threw a party and no one came ? Well, that is exactly what happened this past weekend in London where RNC was hoping to spread its tentacles. Just a handful of paid operatives showed up. And for this to happen in friendly public transportation London is indicative of RNC’s futile attempts to gain support.

But the message is clear : RNC has no credible message, other than their revisionist and ethnic based ideologies. It is a hodge-podge of ideas with no central message or fresh ideas. But, look at the so-called founders. It is not hard to see they are headed no where. No movement has ever succeeded without just cause.

There is also the alleged in-fighting for leadership. Rusesabagina, yes, that Hotel Office manager wannabe and the financier and “Big Dog” of the group thinks he should be boss. After all he is a Hollywood “hero” with a little change to spare from proceeds of “Hotel Rwanda.”

Then there is Rudasingwa, the man who has an incredible sense of entitlement and and has assumed the role of spiritual Guru. He thinks he should lead the pack — credentials nothwithstanding.

Listening to these tragic fellows expound on their ideas is rather telling : they are all busy running away from their past.

Now Gahima would have us believe he was opposed to Gacaca. And resigantion was not an option ? And without shame now he advances the theory that the downing of Habyarimana’s presidential jet caused the genocide, and has expressed deep, genuine condolences for Habyarimana’s demise. Does someone have a violin ? Spare me the crocodile tears.

Now the eyes of this Gang are transfixed on Chicago come June. Guys, call if you need directions. We will roll out the red carpet.


One response to “RNC’s FUTILE ATTEMPTS — Desperate People Do Desperate Things.

  1. Prof.J. Yves Ntare Musiine

    Mr. Willis Shalita,

    It is a joy to know that you are part of a great people that uphold the truth and preserve the dignity of all BANYARWANDA. In regard to RNC, their desperate motivates will not move anybody at all. Rwanda’s unity, hope and dignity is above any individual and the RNC wannabes will be defeated and put to shame. Our rwandan heritage and patriotism will continue to rise above any division or any Wannabes like RNC. My humble recommendation to them is to humble themselves and seek the truth other than languishing in the shopping mall of hate, hypocricy and uncertainity.

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