Seventeen years after the genocide against the Tutsi, the long arm of the law has flexed its muscle: just a little bit.

The ICTR in Arusha has given the former Rwanda Army Chief, Augustin Bizimungu, a slap on the arm. He will serve 30 yeras behind bars for his criminal participation in the 1994 Rwanda genocide. If he survives this stint, Bizimungu will be 89.

Many will argue that Bizimungu got off easy. Who can argue with that?  Under his command, blood flowed, lives were lost. There is ample evidence that Bizimungu gave direct orders to compile lists of people to be killed, including the then Prime Minister, Agathe Uwilingiyimana and the ten Belgian peace keepers.

Bizimungu may not be the worst of the killers. But a killer is a killer. He rose through the ranks under the stewardship of Theoneste “HIMMLER” Bagosora. Fruits don’t fall far from the tree.

Bizimungu reportedly never flinched when his sentence was read out. He has had nine years behind bars to reflect on his evil ways. Lucifer incarnate.

Israeli hunt for Nazis continues, to this day. We will NOT waiver. We will not tire out. We will continue to pursue Kabuga and company till the end of time.


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