RWANDA DAY – Come One, Come All !

Come June 10 – 12, 2011, Chicago, “the windy City” will roll out the red carpet for the Rwandan Diaspora as we welcome President Kagame. Not even Angel Gabriel can stop this event, later on the “Gang of Four.”

Rusesabagina and Rudasingwa are allegedly spending sleepless nights in Chicago recruiting the un-employed like them to come and make empty noises. I have news for them: every move they make is monitored and watched, and every ill-intentioned ploy they pull will in the end bite them where the sun shines not.

Desperate men do desperate things. If these sad characters have a message of hope and reconciliation, how come they are forced to pay Congolese and other renegade forces to feign opposition ?

The other day Rudasingwa was spotted near a train station in Washington, D.C. donning a Colombo style overcoat, meeting similarly dressed men. Why the need to disguise ? Never mind. I forgot he is a fugitive from justice.

Rwandans have made amends with their sad and tragic history, and nothing will take them backwards. And as President Kagame keeps reminding us, our bodies were bruised, but our Spirit was not broken, and never will be.


One response to “RWANDA DAY – Come One, Come All !

  1. By the way, it is like we can now start writing the GANG of five so as to officially include Rusesabagina who has become part and parcel of the group-Just useless group that we never succeed in anything except telling lies that have already exposed them

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