In spite of the lies and distortions being spread by the FDLR, the RNC and other rag tag groups poised to harm Rwanda, there is not a chance that Rwanda will descend into the abyss of yesteryears.

As a nation Rwanda has taken the sad and sadistic lessons of bad governance and forged ahead, building on the ashes and blood of countless millions who perished because of who they were

As a people we have endured the negative forces that have sought to divide us. Under Kayibanda the raw seed of ethnicity was planted. For self preservation and clinging on to power, Habyarimana propagated that same philosophy that demonised the Tutsi. Were it not for the spirit of a few brave soouls, both Hutu and Tutsi, Rwanda would have become another story of a failed African State. 

According to Rudasingwa Rwanda is  like a ” painted desert.” His boss and handler, Rusesabagina would have the world believe that genocide is ongoing in Rwanda. Gahima is of the opinion that the Gacaca system was a bad idea, much as he was charged with  overseeing the system. I suppose he did not have the balls to oppose it, or resign.

Nobody is entitled to his facts. Men of courage do take a stand on issues, and pay a price for their convictions. That is NOT what is going on now today. For selfish reasons, the Gang of Four, having fallen out with the system, are trying to use the same seeds that Kayibanda and Habyarimana used to destroy Rwanda.

Neither the FDLR nor the RNC has a better agenda for Rwanda. They have been brought together by greed and a sense of loss of privileges. If they have a message how to take Rwanda forward, how come they are secretely meeting behind  closed doors — plotting against a denocraticaly elected govrnment ?

Rwandans will not be swayed by the interests of  losers and renegades that are simply seeking a place in the sun for themselves, at all costs. You cannot lead a nation when you base your philosophy on empty promises. Trying to endear yourself to genocidaires and their supporters is a new low. Even the hardest extremists of AKAZU have a tough time believing  them.


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