When you think you have seen and heard it all, the enemies of Rwanda keep coming up with surprises. Childish and moronic at best.

The FDLR, the RNC and the FDU-Inkingi — and who knows what other criminal outfits are involved — are now bent on employing thugish tactics to disrupt President Kagame’s up-coming visit to meet with the Rwandan Diaspora in Chicago.

One of the issues that seems to be a thorn in their side is the overwhelming and warm response to the President’s visit by the well wishers of Rwanda. Thousands are poised to descend on The Windy City to show the world what we think of our President.

In a message titled “IMPURUZA”, Rudasingwa, Murayi and Gakwaya are asking Rwandans to come to Chicago and bring rotten eggs. I know they are NOT planning on making omeletes on pavements. This incitement and street behavior is despicable and will be duly noted, and the actors will be held by all peace-loving Rwandans in contempt. Wait and see.

And to title their circular “IMPURUZA” is offensive and plagiarism that seeks to play on people’s emotions. What Rwandan does not associate IMPURUZA with the late Dr. Alexandre Kimenyi (may he rest in eternal peace) ? (I know there is no patent on the word, but we know what the intention is.)

It gets more amusing :FDU’s Spokesperson Uwayezu describes the President’s visit as “covert” ! Come again — a Head of State making a covert visit ?! ! How stupid does one have to be to make such a statment ? But, then again, this type of street philosophy is what we have been bombarded with lately by Rwanda’s enemies and genocidaires who have no other message to impart, but hate and divisionism.



  1. Kamugisha George

    A well thought out article exposing the naivity of enemies of Rwanda
    They are deceiving themsleves – Rwandans know where they are going with the
    Leadership of our beloved president and no doubt we will get there.
    Let them cry foul; their bad intentions for their motherland will be exposed and they will be ashamed .

    • Ndinzi Masagara

      I can’t believe it! I have not seen this circular “impuruza”. However, if such document is actually in circulation under similar title, then I strongly object. Trust me! I know a little bit about Kimenyi and his IMPURUZA. You are not Kimenyi and your circular is not IMPURUZA. Moreover, you recall when the first list of wanted “genocidaires” was first published by the Rwandan government, genocide deniers and revisionists responded in kind creating immediately their own list. If memory serves me well, Professor A. Kimenyi was listed number one, followed by President Paul Kagame, then Vice President, I believe. Finally, according to credible eye witnesses, Kimenyi’s father, a genocide victim, was not hacked/chopped in pieces by a machete. Instead, the old man was crucified simply because he was Kimenyi’s father, the publisher of IMPURUZA. Thus, to the authors, I say: Stop using the title IMPURUZA! Respect precedents. Have some decency! For Kimenyi sake, STOP! Instead, meet and brainstorm for a new title. I f you still can’t find your own title for the circular, I suggest you call it “Kanguka” or “Kangura.” I promise, this time I won’t object. Ndinzi Masagara.

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