NO MESSAGE – NO HOPE : It’s deja vu all over again.

The alleged “revolution” of 1959 was NOT that. It was a genocide. The world at that time was not atuned to such horrific killings, nor was the so-called international community sensitive to genocide.

There was a clear plan enshrined in the so-called Hutu Manifesto to wipe out the Tutsi. Whether it was 200,000 that perished then, or a million in 1994, genocide is still genocide : the intent to wipe out a segment of society.

As Rusesabagina constantly reminds his audiences, had 1959 been “done well”, 1994 would not have happened. And if it had been “done well”, I would like to remind Rusesabagina, this sorry character of a man, his co-conspirators now, in their un-holly alliance, Rudasingwa, Gahima, Nyamwasa and Karegyeya would not be alive.

Politics makes strange bedfellows. I never I would live long enough to see what we are seeing today : people who grew up and endured the hardships of refugee camps and statelessness joining hands in song with those who sought to exterminate them along with their kith and kin, and still believe in Rusesabagina’s mantra that 1959 was “not well done.” Such will be the legacy of the Gang of Four.

But all this aside, what is the message(s) that these self-proclaimed enemies of Rwanda have to deliver ? Having enjoyed the fruits of a just cause for over a decade, can they in good conscience believe any Munyarwanda will take them seriously ?

The Rwanda of 1959-1994 is dead and buried. Rwandans have decided to learn from our tragic history. There are too many skeletons in our midst and enough mistakes to go around.

The new Rwanda is a thing of beauty to behold, to cherish, and as long as we avoid that crippling African disease – arrogance of power — future generations will find us just. Those who seek to divide us again are going to be swept into the dustbins of history. And, what will their children say of them ? I hang my head in shame, seeing otherwise rational and decent people succumb to greed and deep repugnant political myopia.


One response to “NO MESSAGE – NO HOPE : It’s deja vu all over again.

  1. Dear Willis Shalita,

    my deep and sincerely thanks for your paper
    cela fait un bien cérébral immense de lire de semblables papiers


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