It has been said that the Rwandan people are at their best in crisis mode. Good or bad, that is a trait that has seen us through decades of exile.

During our years of statelessness, the Rwandan Diaspora across the globe worked in unison to end our exile. The results speak for themselves.

Brave men and women in Rwanda  also, under Kayibanda and Habyarimana, dared speak up against the injustices of the time. It was not a struggle of one group. Many stood up to AKAZU, and in the end they were marginalized but their deeds cleared the land for sowing justice and democracy that we see today in the New Rwanda, for ALL Banyarwanda. 

The war of liberation worked like clockwork because old ladies, students, the poor, and the Banyarwanda who were not born in Rwanda pulled together, and many paid the ultimate price to liberate Rwanda, thus ending years of impunity.

RWANDA DAY is almost here, and Chicago will be the center of attention as Banyarwanda show this nation and the world at large that we have set aside politics of ethnicity to create a symphony of harmony. And as we descend upon Chicago, our detractors will see that their empty messages are simply that : a wolf’s cry in the wilderness.

To the enemies of Rwanda I say, un-clench your fists and we will extend a hand of friendship. And Rwanda will be the better for it.


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