GOV. QUINN – Distance Yourself from Rusesabagina, an Avowed Genocide Denier.



Dear Gov. Quinn :

As a registered Democrat, I am distressed that you have joined the committee fundraising for Paul Rusesabagina.

While I do not for a minute doubt your integrity or moral values, let me tell you why you should distance yourself from this conman.

1. He is a genocide denier.

2. He has managed to dupe the American public for 17 years, (including former President Bush who awarded him a medal), that he saved hundreds of people during the Rwanda genocide against the Tutsi in 1994.

3. He is actively involved with the FDLR – an organization that the U.S. State Department has classified as a terrorist organization operating out of the Congo.

4. He alleges that his fundraising is for purposes of helping the needy. (Please ask him for proof.)

5. He offered testimony (to the good character) on behalf of individuals charged with crimes against humanity by the ICTR in Arusha, all of whom have now been found guilty.

Governor, as an American-Rwandan, I call upon you to reflect on what message your participation will be sending by supporting a genocide denier. We, as a nation stand with the the underdog, and speak for those without a voice.

Let your conscience be your guide. Governor, I know you will do the right thing.



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