RWANDA DAY – Agaciro ! (Our Heritage – Our Future).

As ALL Rwandans converge on Chicago, June 10 – 12, one thing will be self-evident : celebration of having turned the killing fields of 1994 into the shinning example of Africa.

We have not come this far without trials and tribulations, and we have much to be thankful for, but we must remain mindful of the struggles ahead.

The skirmishes and brutality of our war of liberation were almost predictible. We salute our gallant men and women who bravely walked into Kigali and ended the bloodletting. Rwanda was saved from being wiped off the map.

But the war we face today is different. Our enemies are harder to identify. More sinister, though much more cowardly. They choose to wage war on foreign soil.

With the same resolve from 1994, we will defend the Motherland. They cannot defat a determined, though bruised people.

As it was in 1994, it is so today : THERE IS NO JUST CAUSE FOR THE ENEMIES OF RWANDA TO FIGHT NOW, otherwise they would have told the world. All we hear from them are childish accusations. Slander. Moronic assertions. Vengeance, and a litany of other empty agendas.

BANYARWANDA MWESE, Come to Chicago with a positive attitude. Be ready to positively engage one another. Let’s join hands to do our share, and in unison give a rousing ovation to the man on whose watch we have triumphed against great odds : Paul KAGAME is coming to town

Let’s tell IBIGARASHA that this is, truly Kagame Country. Let’s clearly and loudly use Barack Obama’s mantra : Y E S  W E  C A N  !


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