Human Rights Watch’s agenda on Rwanda is becoming a bit too obvious to be dismissed. An organization supposedly set up to be a watchdog for human rights abuses across the globe has taken on the role of legitimizing elections and satisfying personal agendas.

In the case of Rwanda, their constant questioning why President Kagame won the last election with a high margin is the indicator of an agenda in progress. As President Kagame asks them, why don’t they ask why 96% of Rwandans voted in the last election? Or are they entitled to their own set of standards?

Their nagging questions why President Kagame won with such a high percentage are becoming redundant. It is more than obvious that no answer is going to satisfy them.

They contend there were no other Presidential contenders in the last election. They may be entitled to their biased views, but they are not entitled to form their own facts. Absolutely not.

Human Rights Watch and similarly minded organizations ought to realize Rwanda is a sovereign nation, and Rwandans are capable of,and will determine what is good for Rwanda. And they ought to realize by now that Rwandans will not bow to their pressures and tactics. Where were they in 1994 when Rwanda was bleeding to death?

On the other hand, however, why should Rwanda even pay attention to these tactics obviously crafted because Rwanda refuses to be intimidated?



  1. I always enjoy reading your articles.. Thank you..for keeping me informed on te development ins Rwanda

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