As you all read this I am unwinding and relishing the spirit of Chicago. Let it not be ever said that Rwandans don’t love their country. It showed in Chicago, and then some.

Landing at Kigali airport last night was bitter sweet. This New Rwanda leaves me speechless. And coming from Chicago after witnessing history in the making, as Rwandans broke into a frenzy as President Kagame entered the Hyatt Hotel conference hall is a bit too much for one man ! But, I am not complaining.

I am still trying to make sense out of why anybody would call Rwanda a ” painted desert.” Never mind : convicted felons will say just about anything !

Upbeat we are. Rejoice we should. The New Rwanda reflects the benefits of good governance and the resilience of a People. But we must remain alert: there are many snakes in the bushes, and many turncoats waiting for the right moment to show their true colors.

Rwanda will rise and shine again. But we must not look up to one man to do it all. Collectively we must take ownership of the challenges ahead. History would not judge us kindly were we to do less.


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