MICHELLE OBAMA IN AFRICA: Please respect our values.

America’s First Lady just returned from Africa. That was a good thing, that the Obama’s are maintaining their connections to Obamas natural connections to the land of his forefathers.

But, that is not the gist of this posting.

I saw pictures of Mrs. Obama’s visit with MADIBA, and I was incensed. They say she is a beautiful woman. I say she is smashingly eye-catching. But her visit with Nelson Mandela was no time to expose her thighs.

African culture calls for respect of elders. In this regard Nelson Mandela is Chairman of the Board, and I say Michelle should not have distracted the old man’s attention. At his advanced age his heart may not be able to take such a blatant provocative exposure.

But on a more serious note, when one visits other cultures, one ought to learn their ways and respect them.

I am reminded of the U.S Senator decades ago who visited Saddam Hussein. As they sat down to chat, the Senator crossed his legs, thus exposing the sole of his shoe to then President Hussein. An insult in Arab culture. He stood up and left.

But, Mzee Mandela was gracious. I rest my case.


One response to “MICHELLE OBAMA IN AFRICA: Please respect our values.

  1. sharangabo damour

    I agree with you totally Mr. shalita. These so called first world, think their ways are absolute and therefore, they feel no need to educate themselves about our moral value as they become nuisances where they shouldn’t interesting indeed. They forget we are smatter for we got a culture to preserve while theirs is a melting port.
    That is why, I like to educate the so called the educated and I usually call my lesson (smarten up)!
    Stay well, my best writer and photographer

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