RWANDA : Technology abounds.

The other day, my friend Sharangabo treated me to a visit to his farm in Ruhengeri at Kinigi. But, that in itself is a story on it’s own, on a different day.

As we walked to the farm that is symbolic of Rwanda’s new entrepreneurs, I was photographing the amazing nature all around, as well as the people of the village.

My soul is more at peace with a camera in my hand, looking through the viewfinder. Recording nature is a privilege and a gift that should never be taken for granted.

I posed to take a picture of a young thirteen year old boy that insisted on accompanying me. His name is Bizimana. He then asked me to send it to him. I was amused, but delighted by his insistence and confidence. I asked how I would send it, to which he replied, matter of factedly ” mail it to me.” He gave me his e-mail address by tearing a page from his notebook. When I say the new Rwanda is astounding, this is what I am talking about !

An hour later, the same boy returned and politely asked for the piece of paper where he had written his e-mail address, saying he had omitted “38” after his name.

Now I was really intrigued and pleasantly impressed, and could not resist asking : Mubihe bya Habyarimana se wari ufite e-mail ? The answer, for the record : Ashwi …ibyo se twari tubizi ?

This, folks, is the new Rwanda that Rudasingwa calls IRIMBI RISIZWE IRANGYE (a painted cemetery): words that will haunt him to his grave.


One response to “RWANDA : Technology abounds.

  1. Dear Willis;

    This is an amazing story which reflects the new Rwanda; those who refuse to see it let them remain blind for ever… true Rwandans and true patriotic will continue to strive for improving the well-being of our nation. Actions will continue to speak for themselves no matter how loud evildoers may sound, they will continue to be their own echoes. Basigaye barabaye ba NYIRAMUBANDE!!!!

    Rwandans know were they came from and have clear vision of where they are heading no more time to waste on nonsense ideology, twabeshwe igihe kirekire ariko ubu twarajijutse ntibizongera.

    Michael Levy once said this: “You can bend it and twist it… You can misuse and abuse it… But even God cannot change the Truth.”


    Chantal M.

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