The RNC and the FDLR would have you believe that President Kagame is at loggerheads with Whitehall.

Not so. Not even close. Bear with me: here are the facts.

Yesterday, President Kagame was awarded this year’s Humanitarian Award by the Cherro Foundation at a well attended, by invitation only function in London.

The President was recognized for his leadership, good governance, uplifting women’s partcipation in national dialogue and guaranteeing their rights, and having halted the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. Before the black tie event commenced, the President was introduced by video by former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair who was unable to attend. The event reportedly raised hundreds of funds towards education in Rwanda.

So, I ask : what is the RNC and FDLR talking about ? Empty vessels make the most noise.

On a different subject : Rudasingwa again made a spectacle of himself at Seth Sendashonga’s memorial service (may he RIP) in Brussels the other day by making all sorts of wild /
accusations and endearing himself to his handlers. More on this in due course.

Kudos to our High Commissioner in London, Ernest Rwamucyo who has laboriously highlighted Rwanda’s achievements and good governance.


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