July 4 marked 17years since liberation, when the RPF brought to a halt a pre-planned genocide by the genocidal regime of Habyarimana.

The day was truly glorious, marked by pomp and pageantry in a colorful ceremony heralded by the RDF.

The U.S. also marked 232 years of liberation from the imperial dominance of Britain. Such marked contrast: an end to dominance by ideas and ideals. In the case of Rwanda, July 4th. truly marked the birth of a Nation and uplifting of a people. Prior independence celebrations were nothing but a farce.

The songs and poetry of the day sincerely depicted a people’s journey which tested our resilience and determination to persevere against impossible odds. Our bodies were bruised, millions lost, but our spirit as a people was never broken. And as the President emphatically pointed out, we can no longer be scared into inaction: been there, done that. Now, we will resolutely defend this sacred land of a thousand hills which others sought to turn into killing fields through an apocalypse well planned and almost decisively executed.

The events of the day, the spirit of the thousands of people gathered, sent out a loud and clear message: there is a New Rwanda that will never be awash in blood again. If we hold on to this simple covenant, those who needlessly perished during the 100 dark days of April 1994 will not have died in vain.


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