RWANDA’S WORK ETHIC : But we must NOT relax.

One month in Kigali, and having visited many government offices and private enterprises, I am impressed by the high degree of professionalism. Many African countries still lack this.  It is not rare in so many countries to receive mediocre service — almost as if the person behind the post office counter, or at the bank is doing you favor.

In Kigali one thing strikes one who is coming from outside : the many young professionals, especially women in the forefront. It is indeed an impressive milestone, and the President deserves credit for having made this a priority of his administration.

Wishing to buy BK shares, I went to the Bank of Kigali to inquire. I was met by a young lady who could not have been more helpful. She greeted me politely, smiled and explained to me the need of obtaining INDANGAMUNTU. I proceeded to the NID office to inquire. The reception there was equally cordial and professional. The NID Coordinator, Pascal Nyamulinda, explained the process and, though the boss, helped me fill in the application form. I am glad to report that I now have an official government issued ID, stating the obvious that I have known for 62 years : I am a Munyarwanda.

Whatever the enemies of Rwanda are saying, there is no turning back. Their propaganda and bad press nothwithstanding, the progress in this country is there to see for all. But we must remain focused, because our enemies are working overtime in foreign lands to smear Rwanda.

The RNC and FDLR, through their pronouncements, have played all their cards. Give them enough rope they will hang themselves. Lack of integrity and refusal to accept responsibility has rendered their ethnic-based struggles null and void.




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