There is a debate raging on about describing the 1994 genocide as “the genocide against the Tutsi.” Much as that is what it was.

Prior to the downing of Habyarimana’s plane by extremists of AKAZU, plans were well under way to exterminate all Tutsi. The so-called FINAL SOLUTION. Names had been drawn up. Machettes purchased. Militias trained. Indeed, before leaving Arusha, Bagosora – that monster of a man – threatened to unleash an apocalypse. There is no doubt what he meant, nor did his audience have doubt what he meant.

So, let’s call a spade a spade. 1994 was a genocide specifically to annihilate the Tutsi.

Now, in the course of executing the genocide, Hutus who were opposed to this madness, who sought to resolve differences through political dialogue were also butchered in great numbers. Many are interred at the Heroes Square in Kigali. They did not die in vain, and Rwanda will never forget them. They were victims of the so-called final solution. In military terms this is referred to as collateral damage.

In comes Ingabire, self-appointed spokeswoman of the extreme right, along with her misguided and ill-intentioned followers, spreading the absurd notion of a double genocide. They allege that Rwanda refuses to recognise that thousands of Hutus were killed too, during those 100 dark days in April, 1994.

The record is clear, and the evidence is overwhelming : the FINAL SOLUTION was to wipe the Tutsi off the map. In the course of this dastardly demonic and cowardly act, Hutus also died. But, there was no plan to unleash a genocide against the Hutu, hence the reference to the “genocide against the Tutsi.”


One response to “1994 : THE GENOCIDE AGAINST THE TUTSI.

  1. John Rukumbura

    There is an important element in all this that should be known. This Itorero is for Canadian of Rwandese origin and other Canadian youth interested in our culture. It is very inclusive the Canadian way, thus calling it other names by Mr. Rudasingwa is uncalled for and shameful.

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