Dear Mr. Mayor :

I hope you receive this letter in the same positive spirit I am writing it.

First, let me congratulate you on the exemplerary job you are doing to keep Kigali clean and vibrant. But, it would be unfair to give you all the praise without recognizing those who have gone before you, considering that you are new on the job.

Kigali is truly a world-class City: clean, functional and orderly. Having spent the month of June and part of July in this jewel of East Africa, I have a few suggestions:

1. Curtail the ladies of the night. And I am not suggesting you unleash the “Kiboko Squad”, Kampala style !

2. What’s with all the billboards ? They are such an eye-sore and are suffocating the city’s skyline. There ought to be a limited number on any given street, and of limited size.

3. While motorbikes provide affordable transportation for the less privileged, left unchecked they are going to be a traffic hazard. For the size of Kigali, there ought to be a study as to how many licenses should be issued. Right now there are way too many. And I am not so sure about the wisdom of communal helmets. This could turn into a health nightmare. (As a reference, the City of San Francisco, population 3 million, only allows 1,500 taxis to operate within city limits.)

4. Parking is slowly becoming a big problem. Take the bull by the horn before it is too late. Errecting parking structures is an option.

Mr. Mayor, this is my opinion. Keeping Kigali’s standards high is our collective responsibility.


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