RNC PROPAGANDA – Rudasingwa’s ramblings.

In a letter dated August 2, 2011, Rudasingwa asks the Canadian government to intervene in the upcoming Rwandese Youth Camp to be held from August 4 through 8th., 2011 in the City of Gatineau, Quebec. He alleges that this is the work of the Rwanda government training a militia ! Utter nonsense.

I tell you, the unemployeed have too much time on their hands to the extent that their heads begin playing tricks on them. Has the man lost it ? Is he devoid of any common sense and entitled to his own facts ? Does he not think the Canadian government, and the City of Gatineau can see through his childish falsehoods and propaganda ? 

How do you call ITORERO RY’URUBYIRUKO a militia training camp ? This is nothing but a camp that is geared at educating and sensitizing Rwandan youths about their culture and teaching them about our history — not the nonsense that Rudasingwa spews out with malice and without shame. On second thoughts, he might do himself a favor and come and attend the camp so they can re-direct his moral campus.

Like a scorned bride Rudasingwa finds it productive to disregard facts out of anger that has completely consumed him. His ill-deeds are squeezing his conscience — what is left of it — to the extent that truth no longer matters.

The good news is : the more he writes to endear himself to his newly found friends, the more irrelevant he becomes, the more enemies he creates, and the more his partners realize there is no substance to this tragic figure of a man.


One response to “RNC PROPAGANDA – Rudasingwa’s ramblings.

  1. sharangabo damour

    Dear will,
    This bunch of hooligans of 4 spokes person (Dr. Rudasigwa) must have not consulted his brother Gahima before making himself a fool as usual. Indeed, he lost it? How can you call Itorero rw’intore ihuriro rwibinyoma and negative propaganda? Am sure, Dr. Gahima, has started distancing himself from this psychosis of three. Erega, give them time batangiye kugaragara.
    Rwandese, now know what values they have on this continent and I bet your war mongering words will never go well here in the country of a thousand hills. We Rwandese love our President and where we are going. You Rudasigwa, waca manyanga..
    Sharangabo, D’amour
    Kinigi Rwanda.

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