Hosni Mubarak, once the all powerful President of Egypt was wheeled into a make-shift courtroom, confined to a stretcher to face corruption and murder charges. It all took place in a cage where the former Egyptian dictator was shielded from the cameras by his co-accused sons. What a spectacle.

This was indeed a scene most Egyptians believed would never happen. And this trial is unprecedented in the Arab world and is being closely watched in the region.

The once omnipotent Mubarak in a cage and wearing prison whites has riveted Egyptians. But it also ought to send a message to the rest of the so-called “BIG MEN” on the continent. Soon or later, the long arm of the law will catch up with you. The writing is on the wall, and the message is clear : business as usual is a thing of the past. The masses are angry, hungry and cannot take it any more.

Stay tuned for other coming attractions, below:

The PEOPLE v Robert Mugabe.

The PEOPLE v Moamar Ghadafi.

The PEOPLE v Paul Biya

The PEOPLE v Omar Bongo

Reserve your tickets today !



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