ROBERT MUGABE : He gives us all Africans a bad name.

At the age of 87, most people would be retired and contemplating how to spend the rest of their golden years. Instead, Robert Mugabe is busy, but surely destroying Zimbabwe, once the pride and bread basket of Africa. The man has turned his country into a failed State, and set the world’s inflation record: 100,000%.

Mugabe once proclaimed that a country could never go bankrupt. Zimbabwe today has the world’s fastest-shrinking economy.

The Old Man is famous for his bizzare and outlandish pronouncements. Yesterday he called Nato a terrorist organization because they are trying to bring down Ghadafi’s regime. People who live in glass houses don’t like those who throw stones, I guess!

We have observed the ARAB SPRING, young men and women in Arab countries rising up in defiance of status quo and bringing down dictators like a farmer harvests oranges. Which leads me to ask : why are we black Africans so docile ? How much longer can Zimbabweans be cowed into submission ? How long will Ugandans run away from disorderly policemen when they walk to work ?

Mugabe claims to be fighting on behalf of the rural poor. But, much of the land he confiscated from whites has ended up in the hands of his cronies.

Archibishop Desmond Tutu says that Mugabe has become a cartoon figure of the archetypal African dictator. I concur.

Mugabe professes to be a staunch Catholic and is occasionally seen at Harare’s Catholic Cathedral for Sunday Mass. But his beliefs did not prevent him from having two children by Grace, then his secretary, while his Ghanaian first wife, Sally, was dying from cancer. Oh! Robert, God have mercy on you.

What a crying shame, that while Zimbabwe bleeds to death and her people are  turned into beggars, the rest of Africa sleeps on. I hang my head in shame.


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