LONDON IS ON FIRE :Nobody has a monopoly on violence.

The chaotic and violent scenes in London are instructive : and I hate to write with tongue in chick. But, here is my take.

Whenever you see reports on CNN or BBC reporting on riots in an African city, the angle is always biased and would almost make you believe that Africans are doomed, or have a proclivity for violence. It is never said, but implied: savages are at it again.

Now I wonder what Her Majesty the Queen is thinking. Hooliganism and thievery in broad day light on the streets of London and other cities in the so-called United Kingdom ! Her Majesty’s subjects are out of control.

The lesson is simple : hungry people are angry people. Trickle down economics simply does not work : where those who have much will leave the crumbs for the masses. Yes, that Ronald Reagan philosophy is empty rhetoric.

I hope the authorities in London can bring the riots to an end. The events of the last few days are un-acceptable, un-civilized.

But, the message is this : whenever there are ripe conditions, human nature across the board is the same. The so-called Third World did not invent violence and mayhem. It is a human condition that ripens when those who have simply abdicate their responsibility to those who have nothing, and therefore the have-nots have nothing to lose when they get out of control and take matters into their own hands.


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