RUSESABAGINA : The noose is tightening.

On June 20, 2011, Belgian authorities arrested and interrogated self-styled hero, Paul Rusesabagina, in connection with funding FDLR rebels in the DRC. Reportedly, during the interrogation Rusesabagina was dry-mouthed, nervous and sweated profusely. I wonder why ! 

Rwandan authorities have concrete evidence showing that Rusesabagina wired funds from San Antonio, Texas to senior commanders of the terrorist group, FDLR based in the DRC.

The man’s stories keep changing whenever he is pushed against the wall. He maintains that the funds he wired were to help orphans in Uganda. Really now ! Why is he helping orphans in Uganda of all places? What is his connection?

I knew it was a matter of time before the truth caught up with this impostor and alleged humanitarian.

In his book, ” An Ordinary Man”, Rusesabagina claims that he confronted Bagosora, the father of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, about his participation in the genocide. Fast forward to Bagosora’s trial in Arusha : Rusesabagina was a character witness for Himmler-incarnate – Bagosora. So, obviously his truth changes with circumstances.

And yes, we are yet to see testimonials from those whom Rusesabagina claims to have saved, without charging hefty sums of money.


One response to “RUSESABAGINA : The noose is tightening.

  1. Right on Dear Willis;

    A French writer named Emile Zola said once that: “If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way”.

    The truth is unfolding slowly by slowly but surely, let us sit back and watch as these impostors are being exposed naked to the light; the masks are falling off.

    Lets hope that once the explosive power of the truth brings their feet back on the ground, then they will realize that it doesn’t really matter how high one may jump, the power of nature called gravity will bring him down. And only then, if their conscience is still alive of course, they can present a sincere apology to all Rwandans. Mu kinyarwanda hari icyo bitaga KUGANGAHURA no kunywa ISUBYO.

    Keep up with the inspirational blogs.


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