RWANDA’S JUSTICE SYSTEM :Internationally acknowledged.

When the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) sitting in Arusha decides to refer genocide cases to Rwanda, they are in essence accepting our standards of justice. A vote of confidence by any measure, that those accused of heinous crimes will receive fair trials in Rwandan courts.

Cases in point : three cases have recently been referred to Rwanda:

1. Laurent Bucyibaruta (ICTR-05-85)

2. Wencelas Munyeshyaka (ICTR-05-87)

3. Jean Bosco Uwinkindi (ICTR-01-75

The ICTR noted that Rwanda had made material changes in its laws and had indicated its capacity and willingness tp prosecute cases referred by the ICTR adhering to internationally recognised fair trial standards in the ICTR Statute and other human rights instruments.

Soon, the Gacaca courts will complete their cases. Here too, Rwanda showed a capacity to resolve a situation beyond its capacity in a very measured and fair way.

Martin Ngoga’s mandate as Prosecutor General was recently renewed for another term. He makes us all proud.


One response to “RWANDA’S JUSTICE SYSTEM :Internationally acknowledged.

  1. sharangabo damour

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    The ICTR, has set a precedent! This is to say they now trust our legal systems (including GACACA)! It won’t take long till we start prosecuting those that throw bombs on our Kigali streets as well..?! If we request them to be Extradited to Rwanda. Tutawareta mbiyo to face this internationally recognized Rwandan legal system.
    What was unconstitutional is constitutional.
    Bravo Mr. Ngoga, M (prosecutor)
    Sharangabo, D’amour

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