RECONCILLIATION : A few thorny thoughts.

From a political standpoint, reconcilliation is the ONLY political astute policy for Rwanda to forge ahead.

The wounds are deep. Memories are fresh. Hearts don’t simply mend overnight. In the scheme of things, 17 years in historical terms is a drop in the ocean.

While reconcilliation MUST not be legislated, nor can it, it seems to have paved the way for the Nation to tackle the landmines scattered all over our landscape.

Forgive we ought to try. But we must never forget.

And let’s take reconcilliation to heart, and fully understand the meaning of this deep and spiritual concept. It means :

No longer opposed to.

To settle a quarrel OR difference.

Becoming compatible.

To bring together again : reconsecrate. And God knows there are so many churches that were defiled.

As a people, we must seek to make this the foundation of the New Rwanda. From each one of us, however, we will have to handle reconcilliation from a personal standpoint. Faith may be all we have to see us through the thick forest ahead of us — made all the more difficult by the scores of Rwanda’s enemies and their lackeys still seeking the final solution — not to mention the genocide deniers like Ingabire and followers.

But, our cause is just, and therefore our resolve cannot be underestimated.


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