THE SWEET SOUND OF JUSTICE :Pastor convicted of genocide.

In the first trial for genocide against the Tutsi to be held in Finland, a former Rwandan pastor, FRANCOIS BAZARAMBA was sentenced to life imprisonment. Good news indeed, and a sign that European countries are beginning to take action against scores of fugitives living freely in their countries.

Bazaramba’s trial cost the tax payer $1.8.

In its 15-page ruling the court said that Bazaramba had forced his victims to leave their homes and ordered Hutus to burn them down. This, from a man of the cloth.

The conspiracy of the church during the genocide against the Tutsi lives a bitter taste in my mouth. See, my father was a Bishop, and I am sure he is turning in his grave for the shame that the clergy have brought against their faith, not to mention the orgy of destruction they unleashed on un-suspecting faithful whom their lured to their churches for slaughter.

Will the Vatican ever find redemption ? I say not, judging from how they handled their bloody hands during the Jewish holocaust. Nothing has changed, decades later.


One response to “THE SWEET SOUND OF JUSTICE :Pastor convicted of genocide.

  1. Dear Willis;

    This is so sweet indeed and furthermore it is a clear message to all genocidaires that there is no place to hide; anytime is the right time for them to be held accountable of their evil deeds; it doesn’t matter if it is today, tomorrow or years to come; this crime doesn’t grow old nor does expire and we are patient.

    When it comes to the religious leaders (please note “Religious” not “Church” leaders) like Bazaramba, Munyeshyaka and alike; “shame” is not strong enough to describe their actions.1994 MU RWANDA IKIZIRA KINJIYE AHERA, UBWO ABASHUMBA BATANGAGA INTAMA ZABO NGO ZIJYE KUBAGWA.

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