THE ZAMBIAN SAGA : Only in Africa !

Kenneth Kaunda, the founding father of Zambia and the man who led the nation to independence in 1964 was President till 1991. That is a long time : 27 years to be exact.

Fast forward to 1996: he was then stripped of his citizenship and declared stateless because it was rumored his parents were Malawians. To the credit of the Zambian Supreme Court, Kaunda’s citizenship was restored shortly thereafter.

Now, the Zambians are at it again ! Current President Rupiah Banda is now rumored to be of foreign parentage, his father having allegedly been born, again, in Malawi. The opposition is saying he is therefore not eligible to run for the high office.

Is there bad blood between Malawi and Zambia ? It sure seems that way ! Unless this the Zambian idea of comical relief. Were it not true it would be funny, but guys, the world is watching.

That is not the end of the story, however ! Even the man that introduced the parentage clause in the Zambian constitution in 1996 and stripped Kaunda of citizenship, Frederick Chiluba, was rumored to be a foreigner.

Only in Africa !


2 responses to “THE ZAMBIAN SAGA : Only in Africa !

  1. Justin Musonera

    Only in Africa, as you rightly say. This phenomenon simply goes to show that Zambia has always been ruled by Bastards, including Fred Chiluba
    who introduced the citizenship clause. Bastards? Well, african leaders of
    that caliber are a dime a dozen.

  2. The gantleman that Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere had an answer for it: no African is a foreigner in any part of Africa.
    (Shshsh….or maybe he feared being recognised as a Murundi!! Well, only in Africa? But Barack Obama was almost disqualified for being a Muslim Kenyan…untill he proved that he had relatives in Ireland!! Well, only on this planet!)

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