THE ICC SHAKES UP KENYA : Much is at stake.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has dealt a blow to the Kenya government by rejecting its appeal to stop it putting six people accused of links to the 2008 post-election violence.

Deputy prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, former Higher Education Minister William Ruto, Francis Muthaura, head of the Civil Service, and former police chief Mohammed Hussein Ali must be seeing double now. Nairobi is jittery.

These “big fish” are accused of murder, deportations and persecutions by ICC chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo. This cannot be good news for President Kibaki, because the alleged crimes happened under his nose.

To make matters worse, Kenya holds general elections next year. If these trials go forwad, as is expected, there could be a Texas-size political earthquake in Nairobi. Let’s watch.

The African Union has been pushing for the cases to be dropped. Shame ! I say, butt out and let the axe fall wherever it may. Let justice take its course. After all, most Kenyans still prefer the ICC option.


4 responses to “THE ICC SHAKES UP KENYA : Much is at stake.

  1. This is amazing stuff. Instead of these guys stepping down and understand that we all know what this is about, and seriously repent, they are instead running for the presidency of the country. Its a joke they surely wish this ICC is some sort of circus in which they are the magicians. There is a similar story that was told in Libya, in the general’s word, ” this is not Egypt”. What goes around, comes around. We are very very close to the critical mass in KE and it will surely happen, just save your souls.

  2. sharangabo damour

    Chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Is just another biased and out dated think-tank who is just fascinated by African Leaders and their mistakes.
    We have a lot of leaders in the west that needed to be prosecuted: People like (former IMF chief) who have rapped African policies and intervened unnecessarily just to screw our leaders and a people choices. Actually IMF policies and their leaders must be put on trial not people like the ones you mentioned above.
    I believe such dudes that oversee such policies that keep African economies down must be handed to Moreno-Ocampo to be prosecuted. How about that.?
    Or justice “of Moreno-Ocampo”is to punish black people while they reward their policy buffoons.
    Leave us alone time will come when we shall punish our own.

    Disturbed by the Spanish judges

    D’amour Sharangabo,
    In kigali-Rwanda

  3. Kenya gave sanctuary to alot of us prior to 94. It is thus with a keen eye that I watch this beautiful country.

    With a robust tourism sector and a formal and informal manufacturing base, this country has the potential to be steered into one of Africas success stories. Kenya also happens to have one of the best established education system in Africa. This is evidenced by Kenya’s burgeoning middle class.

    Its with this in mind that I hope the country does the right thing and listens to ICC otherwise its a tragedy for a country that for so long managed to avoid ethnic clashes inspite of its diversity.

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