The AFRICAN UNION : Mostly a farce.

In the wake of the ARAB SPRING, The African Union revealed, again, its irrelevancy and cluelessness.

Tunisia blew up. Not a word. Then came Egypt, same lack of courage and political foresight. 

Whoever came up with the idea that changing a name — from Organization of African Unity to — AU would make a difference needs some serious whipping.

In the case of Libya, here is why I suspect African States, with the exception of a few, (Rwanda taking the lead) have hesistated to recognize the transitional government in Tripoli, and simply lack the political will to be on the right side of history :

1. Most have been beneficiaries of Ghadafi’s largesse over the years.

2. Most are in the same boat as Ghadafi.

3. Mugabe and company know they are next in the crossfire.

In the words of Martin Luther King : “There is no greater sin than seeing evil and doing nothing about it.”


One response to “The AFRICAN UNION : Mostly a farce.

  1. Not only is the AU on the wrong side of history, they have also ignored the plight of thousands of black Africans who are being systematically brutalised in Libya.

    If thats not the height of institutional impotence, Idon’t know what is.
    Shame on the AU.

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