President Kagame’s historic visit this past weekend to Paris is now for the history books : another smashing success for Rwanda. And hopefully fences can be fully mended, as the two countries forge ahead to rebuild relations.

But, as the saying goes, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Alain Juppe was nowhere to be seen. He was last reportedly visiting the Kiwis, down under. What timing ! He wrongly assumed the President would want to meet him. No, that is for our Foreign Affairs Minister Mushikyiwabo.

The President’s speech was warmly received by the well over 3,500 Rwandans and friends of Rwanda. Again and again, the President called upon the Diaspora to step up and make contributions to Rwanda’s development, to take responsibility in being good ambassadors for the Motherland.

Just like Chicago, Paris was a homerun.

As usual, there were clueless protesters outside the President’s venue, singing badly composed songs and carrying wild mindless placards. It was such a spectacle seeing old men and women singing ” Bravo Allain Jupe.” Birds of a feather. I wonder how many of them have blood on their hands. And what is with the masks ? If you believe in what you are saying, let’s see your face and know who you are.

Rwanda is moving forward, and nothing a bunch of hooligans and cabal of alleged genocidaires can do to change our course.


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