ALAIN JUPPE : What manner of man ?

On hearing that President Kagame was coming to Paris on a State visit, Foreign Affairs Minister Juppe went missing in action ! He said he would rather not shake the President’s hand. But, here again, Juppe was assuming facts not in evidence. The President was in Paris to meet his counterpart. Not Juppe.

This man who has become the darling of the enemies of Rwanda has a tarnished career : he is a CONVICTED FELON.(

In 2004, Juppe was tried for the felony abuse of public funds when he was head of the RPR and the RPR illegally used personnel by the City of Paris for running its operations.

He was convicted and sentenced to an 18-month suspended sentence, the deprivation of civic rights for five years, and forbiden to run for public office for 10 years. On appeal, however, the disqualification to run for elected office was reduced to one year and the suspended sentence reduced to 14 months.

In its findings the court commented that ” Juppe did not apply to hisown party the very rules that he had voted for in Parliament”, and ” did not judge appropriate to assume before Justice his entire criminal responsibility and kept on denying established facts.”

My advice to our Foreign Affairs Minister Mushikyiwabo is this : if ever you shake Juppe’s hand, count your fingers afterwards.


One response to “ALAIN JUPPE : What manner of man ?

  1. Who is Juppe to shake H.E Kagame’s hands? Does he think that Kagame would bather? Kagame’s counterpart is France’s President not confused Juppe. Let him go to hell, this is total confusion and feeling guilty of blood for Innocent Peopple who perished under his command

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